Thank you for the kind words/inclusion on the list! You've got me in some great company here.

Huge +1s for An Earful, Our Band Could Be Your Wife, Record Store, and Rosy Overdrive. Some day I will figure out how to write as well/as often as RO, and it will be glorious. Several new ones here that I'm excited to check out as well.

To your larger point, Blogrolls are absolutely back. Whether that's a consequence of the music media landscape imploding, a bit of nostalgia, or an appetite for smaller, tight knit communities, they matter more now than ever.

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Thanks man. Second a lot of these, and I'll throw in a few more faves that fit the bill:

* Concrete Avalanche — fascinating look at new pop and rock music from China. Found tons of great albums I never would have elsewhere.

* Can't Get Much Higher — data-driven music analysis, a really interesting and different approach

* Jukebox Graduate — Caryn Rose, one of my fave music writers, writes show reports and a Springsteen-covers series

* So It Goes — Stephen Thomas Erlewine's reviews and essays. His thoughts on reissues and archival releases are especially interesting.

* Critical Conditions — OG rock journo Wayne Robins shares interviews from his archives and more

* The Run Out Grooves — All about the final tracks on albums

* The Art of Cover Art — self explanatory, but well done

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Thank you for this mention - and I'm humbled to be in such august company! Several new folks to subscribe to as well...my inbox is going to be packed with music newsletter goodness. I can also recommend some OGs who keep me on my toes with their ongoing perspicacity, namely Wayne Robins (@criticalconditions) Tom Moon (@echolocator) and Tim Riley (@rileyrockreport). Long live the blogroll!

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Truly honored to see Hear Hear featured on this top-notch list. Thank you Josh!

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Great list! Another one that's definitely worth reading: Anti-Matter with Norman Brannon: https://antimatter.substack.com/

Norman covers hardcore in a way that makes it interesting for any music fan, regardless of your interest in the genre. He's one of the best interviewers I've read in years.

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Plus, Texas is the Reason rules, so there's that.

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thank you so much for nod and the kind words josh!!! we are beaming and so grateful - as well as perennially impressed by the work you're doing over here at no expectations. what a service to gather such great music newsletters in one place!! - natalie

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Banging list. I'll add Viking's Choice and BIRP.fm for helping me find so many good tunes over the years. And heads up New Commute links to Rosy Overdrive. Enjoy the 500!

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Thanks for the kind words, Josh! But aside from that, the return of the blogroll is a verrrrrry good idea.

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