“Say what you will about this newsletter but it isn’t in the business of chasing clicks. I chase emails—there’s a difference.”

I’m pretty sure I chimed in on Twitter, but just wanted to add a huge +1 to this and the whole intro of today’s post.

Maybe more importantly for writers like us, there seems to be a huge appetite for the algorithm/gatekeeper free writing happening in this space.

As for the music, I had “Chopper” on my list, but there of these (I think?) are all new to me. Looking forward to digging into them!

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Oct 5, 2023Liked by josh terry

excited to check out Greg Freeman! we’ll see if I muster up the grit for an impromptu Bob show this weekend

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Thanks for elevating the game for all of us, Josh! Just clicked the bell thingy on Twitter because I need to stop missing all your smart stuff there. As for 2022, you found a number I missed, a few that didn't hit, and a couple I'm so glad to see here like Palm (on my Top 25) and Jordana, who I included here (with TV Girl - what a perfect collab): https://anearful.blogspot.com/2022/04/best-of-2021-rock-folk-etc.html - but then missed in 2022! She has a couple of new singles out, too, will try to keep track this time.

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